Become A Sponsor

Event Sponsors
Click here to download a copy of the sponsor proposal. The Mosaic Literary Conference welcomes the support of sponsors and partners who are dedicated to creating progressive art, education, and literary opportunities in the Bronx and New York City. Started in 2003, MLC is an established annual event that connects community leaders, educators, administrators, and parents to innovative ways to keep books and reading essential aspects of culture and learning.

Community Partners
Mosaic Literary Conference community sponsorship is free. You’re asked to provide weekly (or as often as possible) mentions of the event on your organization’s website, newsletter, and social media.

Does your employer support community events or have a budget for giving? The Mosaic Literary Conference’s Supporting and Presenting sponsor levels were creating to help institutions meet their philanthropic goals. These sponsorship levels will strengthen MLC’s ability to meet its goals of developing and sustaining community engagement and outreach.

Contact Ron Kavanaugh for details.